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Driving Lessons

Driving lessons are strongly recommended for new drivers who have very little experience on the roadways and/or those who want a brush-up prior to a driving test.

Let our instructors build your confidence!

Choose a time:


What to know for your lesson:

In-car driving lessons will be instructed in a Driving Zone vehicle.

Applicants must have a B-restriction on their permit. 

Cost: $50/Lesson

Approx: 60 mins

Don’t forget your permit!

If you are 18 & older you will need to bring your Driver License- Restriction B.

If you are between ages 15-17 you will need to bring your Learner License.

In-car Lesson(s) Overview

What to expect in each lesson:

1st Lesson: Focusing on basic maneuvering of the vehicle in a designated open-parking lot.

2nd Lesson: Start off in residential areas, parking and right-of-way scenarios.

3rd Lesson: Student will be in the main streets and focus on maintaining space areas and turning.

4th Lesson: Expressway training, entering, merging and exiting

5h Lesson: Pre-test. Prepare students for the official driving test

Driving Zone



Operating hours

Mon-Thur: 9:00 am –6:00 pm

Sat: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm