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Adult Drivers Ed

For ages 18 & Older

This 6-hour course is required
for adults who are seeking to obtain a Texas Driver License for the first time.

Lets get started...

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In Person

Only $125


Only $125

How it works


Complete Course

You will receive your certificate via email within 1-2hrs of completion or after your class.

Submit to DPS


DPS will give you credit for course and written exam. They will printout an adult permit.


Pass Driving Test

Driving Zone will give you a sealed envelope with your test results. Submit at DPS to obtain License!

What our customers say


Texas Adult Drivers Ed

Texas law requires ages 18-24 to complete a 6 hour Adult Drivers Ed course before obtaining a license.

You are still ELIGIBLE to complete this course. You will also get credit for taking the written exam online!
Yes! Our course includes the official DPS written exam. We will send your a permit certificate once you complete the first six(6) hours of the course.
No. You will be able to stop and resume course as needed. You can complete course up to 90 days from purchase.

Step 1:Complete first six(6) hours of DrivingQuest course.

Step 2: Submit certificate to DPS

Items Needed:

  • ADE-1317 Certificate (DrivingQuest)
  • ITYD Certificate (Impact course)
  • Social Security Card & Birth Certificate
  • Two(2) utility bills showing proof of address.

Step 3: Complete ITYD course (Impact Texas Young Driver)
Step 4:PASS DRIVING TEST & Get License!

Impact Texas Adult Driver course (ITAD) –Is a 1-hour course required after completing the 6-hour classroom course? This course must be completed after the 6-hour course and before the driving test.