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Defensive Driving

Ticket Dismissals, Court Mandated & Probation

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Defensive Driving

Getting a traffic ticket affects your driving record and will raise your insurance rates. When an officer gives you a citation, the citation stays in the local court  system for 90 days until they receive action on your end. If you take the defensive driving class and turn in the certificate, the court will dismiss the ticket. If you do NOT take the course, the court will submit the ticket to the Department of Public Safety and it will go on your permanent record.


You will receive a certificate of completion within 5-7 business days in the mail.

Fee: $60


Defensive Driving classes are offered every other Saturday  9am – 3pm


5520 N. 10th Mcallen TX 78504

What to bring?

Please bring a one subject spiral along with a pen/pencil.

Course Fee?

Total price: $60.


What happens after completing course?

You will receive the certificate of completion by mail within 5-7 business of completing the course.

I just got a speeding ticket a week ago! Do I take Defensive Driving already?

The ticket usually gives you a date when to appear in court. This date is to inform them what action you will be taking. At this point, you may ask the court to take a Defensive Driving course. Some courts may also reduce your surcharge fee if you attend this course.

What does the fee cover?

The course fee $60 and covers 6 hours of classroom instruction, certificate and postage.

Can't I just pay the ticket and not take the course?

Paying a ticket admits your guilt to the citation and will still be posted on your driving record. This can cause your monthly car insurance payments to rise! However, by taking a Defensive Driving Course, the citation will never be placed on your driving record and nobody will ever know you got a speeding ticket!

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