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Spring 2017

Teen Drivers Ed

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Next Class: Apil 24th, 2017

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Feb 20th – Mar 11th
Mar 20th – Apr 8th,
Apr 24th – May 13th

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Spring Classes

Teen Drivers Ed:  Consists of 16 class days and 14 hours of behind-the-wheel training.


Classroom:  Classes will be completed in 3 weeks! During the classroom phase they will also receive a certificate allowing them to obtain their driving permit at DPS.


In-Car Lessons:  Students will schedule ALL 14 hours In-Car training hours during the last week of class.

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Ages: 14-18

Classroom Info

Monday – Friday
6:00pm – 8:00pm

Class Schedule

Behind-the-Wheel Info

During class students will be scheduling their Behind-the-Wheel lessons. Students will receive a text message and email of their appointments.


This class begins April 24th, 2017.


5520 N. 10th Mcallen TX 78504

What to bring?

Please bring a one subject spiral along with a pen/pencil.

Course Fee?

Total price: $350. OR start with a $100 down and pay off the balance during class session.


What is a VOE?

V.O.E. stands for “Verification of Enrollment”. This form can be obtain through the students High School attendance office. This form is not required to start drivers ed, however, you will need it once the student is ready to get the driving permit at DPS.

What happens if I am absent?

Texas law does not allow students to miss no more than five calendar class days If the students exceeds five days, the student will be terminated from the course and a reinstate fee will be applied to the students accout.

What does the fee cover?

The course fee ($350) covers 32 hours of classroom instruction and 14 hours of behind the wheel training.

How are the 14 behind-the-wheel hours scheduled?

During the last week of class you will be able to schedule these driving lessons with the front office. Hassle free scheduling:)

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